Myofascial Release

As stated by John Barnes, PT; “Myofascial release is a whole-body, hands-on approach for the evaluation and treatment of the human structure. Its focus is the fascial system. Physical trauma, an inflammatory or infectious process, or structural imbalance from dental malocclusion, osseous restriction, leg length discrepancy, and pelvic rotation all may create inappropriate fascial strain.” These forces put the fascial system on defense and it tightens to protect thus restriction of motion and increasing pressure on sensitive areas.

A simpler definition is that we use gentle movements to stretch tissue that is irritated and by its irritation has tightened or scarred reducing movement or putting pressure on sensitive structures. We work to stretch these areas to take pressure off or to allow freedom of movement reducing the irritation that can result in pain or loss of function. Gentle movements without increase pain promote relaxation and healing. The method has been around for thirty years and is well documented and can be reviewed by looking up articles by John Barnes, Upledger Institute, or under the heading myofascial release.