The Gym

In the gym we will teach you a home exercise program that you can perform independently. It will include spinal stabilization exercises and gentle stretching. We will teach you exercises to strengthen your core muscles and leg muscles. An effort is made not to issue too many exercises, to keep your program manageable so you can stick with it. We also teach body mechanics and safe techniques during your activities of daily living.

We have aerobic equipment such as treadmills, elliptical, recumbent/upright bicycles, free weights, balance challenges, resistive bands, and resistive equipment. Not all of our patients use weights, but those who do will be taught safe and effective use of the machines.

Electrical stimulation can be used to increase a muscle’s strength and to decrease inflammation and pain. Your physician and therapist will decide what type of current will be of the most benefit, depending on your diagnosis and your individual needs.

Your doctor may order traction for our spine. We use an inversion table for thoracic and lumbar regions as a means of traction. We use several forms of cervical traction including an electric mechanical traction, pneumatic traction unit, and a unit that is used over the door. The pneumatic and over the door units can be used at home if ordered by physician. We do have a traction table for lumbar traction if the inversion table is not appropriate for you.