Operating Rules

  1. General
  2. Insurance and Billing
  3. Referrals



  1. Rehabilitation Center opens Monday through Friday at 7AM for pool and gym activities.  Evaluations usually start at 8AM but there is flexibility if patient requires early appointment.
  2. Rehabilitation Center closes Monday through Thursday at 7PM if patients scheduled.  Friday Center closes at 6PM unless late appointment required.
  3. The Center may be reached directly by phone at 828 225-2656; and there is no charge for call or therapist interaction on the phone.
  4. If a patient does not show for three consecutive treatments without calling to cancel they are discharged from the practice and require new referral to resume treatment.
  5. We appreciate cancellation calls to come as early as possible before appointment but there is no penalty for calling the day of appointment.
  6. The Center can be emailed through using the following address: roger.meade@CSandNC.com.  Email can be used for communication with responses within twenty-four hours, cancellations by patient for appointment, and request for scheduling times.
  7. Functional Capacity Evaluations are scheduled for four hours of therapist time and crucial that patient attend when scheduled.  Missing the scheduled appointment requires notification to case manager and insurance carrier.
  8. When a patient if referred to therapy they will be given the option to transfer to other therapy groups they maybe more comfortable with for treatment.  We will facilitate and provide all information needed to fulfill this request.
  9. When patient is discharged they still are allowed to communicate with therapist at no charge if problems arise; there is no time limitation on this benefit.

Insurance and billing

  1. Physician referral required if insurance needs to be filed; patient can be seen without referral but will have to pay cash and file insurance independently.
  2. Any issues related to inappropriate billing or errors in billing should be directed to front desk and they will notify Accounts Receivable.  AR will get in touch with patient after review of issue to correct problem to satisfaction of both parties.
  3. Co-pays are paid at time of visit unless other arrangements are agreed upon with Accounts Receivable; budget plans are available and credit cards are accepted.
  4. Patients will not be scheduled until insurance authorizes unless physician feels it is imperative treatment start immediately.


  1. Referrals can be accepted from any licensed physician approved by the AMA.
  2. Referrals from chiropractors are accepted.
  3. Rehab Plus is a program for independent exercise programs that patients have progressed and no longer require therapy involvement.  This program allows patient to use pool and gym for a monthly charge and is based on usage levels.  One may enter program with approval of therapist and completion of paperwork available at front desk.
  4. If a patient does not show for three consecutive treatments without calling to cancel they are discharged from the practice and require new referral to resume treatment.

Patient Complaints

  1. Every effort will be made to deal with any patient complaints but if they cannot be solved and patient requests transfer; we will comply with all requirements patient has for successful transfer.

Pool Usage

  1. Pool usage requires patient to bring their own swimsuit and towel.  Patient should not have open wounds but can talk with pool therapist about possible coverage with waterproof bandage.  Skin rash or other significant dermatological issues should be reviewed with pool therapist.
  2. Pool uses Bromine to clean water and rarely causes skin irritation but if rash does appear notify therapist in pool.
  3. Showers are cleaned and mopped daily.
  4. Pool is completely cleaned and re-waxed every six weeks.


  1. Hand sanitizers are available throughout clinic and maybe used by patients and staff as needed and recommended by health policy.
  2. Linen is washed and dried within department and hampers are available in men’s locker room, pool, gym, and laundry room.


  1. Disability requests and testing must be initiated by physician
  2. Independent use of equipment requires therapist approval for patient and employees