About the clinic

We are glad that you are going to join us for treatment. Here is what you can expect when you visit us.

Entrance, waiting, and reception areas

Carolina Spine and Neurosurgery Center Rehabilitation Division is an area directed toward the rehabilitation of patients treated or referred to the Center. The mission of the Division is to return patients to their optimal level of physical and functional ability with programs that provide continued support and direction in maintaining these levels throughout the patient's life.

As you enter the Rehabilitation Division you will be greeted at the reception desk. The personnel at the desk will be responsible for insurance information, scheduling, copays, and notifying your therapist you have arrived for treatment.


The Gym

When you proceed into the Division the first area will be the gym area. This is our industrial rehabilitation area. FCEs that are computer generated are performed in this area. There are different type tools to allow work simulation of any jobs a patient may have to return to from injury. This gives the patient time to recover from their injury and also challenge the patient based on the work situation to see if they are capable of returning to full or light duty. Goals in this area are strengthening, conditioning, improved flexibility, improved balance, and development of home exercise programs.

On the other side of the gym through the door is our aquatic area. This area includes a pool that we maintain at 94 degrees with four different depths; 4 feet, 5 feet, and 6 feet. The pool also generates a current which can go as high as 7.5 mph. An assistant will be with you at all times in the pool and assist your program. The goals for aquatics are to improve mobility, improve confidence in patient's ability to handle activities, work with balance, and prepare patient to move into a more gravity dependent program leading to independence in exercises. There are two locker rooms associated with the pool for men and women. Both locker rooms have two showers with fold down seat, two sinks, multiple lockers, chairs and benches to sit, 3-4 stalls, and women's locker room includes hair dryers and make-up mirrors.


Other Treatment Areas

The final treatment area of our Rehabilitation Division involves a work area, traction table, and four treatment rooms. This area we work with myofascial release, cranio/sacral, massage, inversion, range of motion active/assistive/ passive, paraffin, hot and cold packs, and balance training.

We look forward to working with you in our clinic and further questions can be directed to the front desk by calling 225-2656 or 225-2680.